Docker scheduled gateway backups

When running kcollins/ignition in docker. What should the path in (Config->System->Gateway Settings in the Gateway webpage) be? My volume is named ignition and is mounted at /var/lib/ignition/data. I want the backup folder inside the ignition volume or a separate volume. The backup files are now placed at this path: /files/var/lib/docker/overlay2/e37ff94c800f9a75423debbbceda331fc3ef5fe0c1785345000fa6fbb084bf8f/diff/usr/local/share/ignition/\backup/

I'll invoke Cunningham's law here: it probably doesn't make sense to run scheduled backups (inside Ignition). By definition, Docker is all about isolating services from each other and restricting their ability to interoperate. Instead of trying to back up from inside the container, you should instead be doing your management/orchestration tasks from the host, and treating the container image as static outside of your pre-mounted data volume.

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That makes sense I was just a bit confused from a previous post by K. Collins on the forum where he describes this method. So the propper way of handeling this is just to backup the whole volume instead?