Docker usage with ignition

Watching some of the ICC videos on docker was a bit of an eye opener. Always knew about docker but was too focused on VM’s. We are struggling with prod/dev workflow and docker looks like it would massively help with that. I’m reaching to those who are experienced with docker and ignition usage. Looking for help and guidance to get us working.

I’d be happy to help… Perhaps describe a bit about the systems you’re needing to model (multi-gateway? what kind of DBs?, etc), as well as what architectures you’re going to be doing your dev and production installs on (Linux, Windows? what versions?). I’d definitely recommend starting small and incrementally building out your skills, even if you’re not ready to fully supplant your current processes immediately.

Basically two plant gateways running MES with one enterprise GW. All running their own MSSQL DB’s. Were transitioning to MES 3.0 and this seems like a good way to wrap up the entire environment and test. Everything is running on windows server virtualized