Docking windows and their movement

What I’m trying to do is have a header bar Docked North along with a navigation bar docked west on my screen. I have this but its not working the way I want it to.

The bar docked west takes precedence of the bar docked north, for instance: Based on what I have selected in the header bar, the navigation bar is displayed or hidden. When displayed, the header shifts over the width of the navigation bar and shifts back when the nav bar hides.

The Location is only enabled when the windows is floating so I was able to achieve what I want making the nav bar floating and setting an x and y location. In the manual the recommend usage is to have two docked bars, is there any way to achieve what I want using the preferred methods? Thanks

Unfortunately this is how the docked windows are designed to work.

Would making a layout of all popup windows not be recommended? Im confused by what takes precedence over what. I figured that if a window docked north was there and then a docked window to the west would populate under it since they cant overlap.

So west takes precedence over north, is North over east and east over south?

I’m just trying to make a window that does not bounce around when the user clicks around. Thanks

Can I obtain what I want using the Z order? I was thinking that I could have the west docked bar at Layer 0 and the north docked bar at Layer 2, that way the header would cover the top of the west docked tab.

I tried this out and its not working, any suggestions or am I barking up the wrong tree? Thanks

Unfortunately the East and West docked windows take precedence over the North and South windows. Changing the Layer only effects windows that are floating, and changing the Dock Index only effects when multiple windows are docked to the same edge.

You can change the way your North docked window works to make all the components on it anchored to the North and East so the screen stretching doesn’t move the components. I know this isn’t ideal but it’s a decent workaround.

What I ended up doing was placing a placeholder that closes and opens to keep everything in its place.

Sounds great.