down (502)

receiving 502 when trying to view the online manuals.

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Thanks – I’ll ping IT

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It was doing this yesterday too. Its killing me. Trying to learn how to use Ignition.

It was back up not to long ago but it looks to be down again for us.

Its been a bouncy ball for me.

Thanks for letting us know! Sadly, a quick solution doesn’t seem to be available, so we’re digging a bit deeper to resolve the issue.

The manual will most likely be down for a couple of hours (tentative quote here, as I’m assuming all goes well). We apologize for the trouble, but we’ll work hard on getting the manual back up as soon as possible.

Edit: In the interest of posterity, the manual was back up a few hours after my initial post.


Sounds good. I just plugged away at different crap within Designer and used Google Cache to get a general idea for what I was trying to do. I got there. Out of curiosity what do you host with (documentation software wise)?

Glad to hear it! To answer your question, we’re using Confluence by Atlassian to serve up the user manual.

Love me some Confluence. We are mid deployment of Confluence in our organization as well.