Docs - Scripting Functions - Add Asynchronous Flag

I’m in a situation where I need to make sure if system.* functions are Asynchronous or not. It would be great to have a flag in documentations that clarifies this.
Should I assume that functions that returns nothing are Asynchronous?

No. Things that are async either have it in the name or take callbacks. What are you under the impression might be async?

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For now, I’m particularly wondering about system.tag.storeTagHistory(). Is that one blocking? (like system.tag.readBlocking())

That one is blocking. Blocking is the default, async is uncommon.

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Great, thanks for that.
For later I would need to know the same for functions like system.device.addDevice(), or system.file.writeFile().

In my mind:

  • Ask for a value after the device is added

  • Retrieve data of file after writing is done

It would be great to know those few functions. But if having the “Async” word in its name or if talking callbacks is the rule, I think is easy to remember.

Forgot to ask. Is it blocking prev 8.1.13? Just to make sure haha.

Also blocking/synchronous.

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