Document Data type >= 8.1.27

Hi All,

Looking for input on the new data type Document. This type can store JSON structure. What would we use this feature for in a project? I was originally thinking its a way for me to store an image (jpeg to json). Looking to see what other purpose or application this data type could be used for.
It seems like a standard format for data interchange with websites. Maybe your ideals might spark a mini project using this data type.
Curious to see what you have to say!!

To clarify, this datatype has existed since 7.9 some time.

It’s particularly useful for interop with web stuff, Perspective which uses JSON for all its structures, and it’s also how OPC UA complex types (structures) are represented.


I prefer datasets for commonly structured data with the same keys/columns, but documents are good for data that have different keys and value types.

For example, Im using a document tag to store the active requests sent to a processing line for empty/wash/filling barrels. This holds things like the request id, the expected barrel groups to process, the operations to apply to the barrels, etc. Which wouldn't be efficient or practical to store in a dataset