Document Viewer does not Disable

Hi all,
I am using the Document Viewer to display help snippets from a database table.
The Document viewer text is pulled from a table using a stored procedure.
The viewer is inside of a template which is displayed in a Tab Strip container, which has other tabs with containers.
I have a Custom Property on the template named Enabled which is a Boolean that gets set by the Tab being the selected tab.
This works for all of our other template types but this one doesn’t actually disable so it keeps querying the database even when the tab isn’t active. I know I can set the SQL Query Polling Mode to OFF, but I need it to actively poll since we allow Admins to edit the help live.

Is this working as designed? Is the Document Viewer supposed to execute the SQL Query even when disabled? I have attached a screen shot showing the setup.

What you are seeing is functioning as designed. “Enabled” generally refers to the ability to interact with the component, it does not shut down bindings.

If you want to completely disable the bindings, you’ll need to get rid of the component. Instead of switching the visibility and setting enabled=false, you can use the template viewer on the window and swap out the visible templates depending on the selected tab. This way, you don’t have the bindings running in the background.

basically – “1 loaded at a time” as opposed to your current “1 visible at a time”