Documentation for Gradle Plugin?

I noticed Gradle being mentioned in the SDK documentation once or twice (e.g. “Current versions of the Ignition SDK use Gradle instead of Ant.”), so I poked around on the nexus repository and found what appears to be a Gradle Ignition module plugin. However, the publicly accessible SDK documentation only gives instructions for using the Ignition Maven plugin. Is there any plan to document the Gradle plugin in a similar fashion (assuming it is ready to be used)?

I would like to move away from Ant sometime in the near future and if there is a working Gradle plugin I will probably go that route rather than Maven. Documentation on how to use the plugin would likely enable me to accomplish this in one step rather than two.


That gradle plugin is for internal use. That it was published/browseable in Nexus is an oversight.

We may release an open source gradle plugin down the road but it’s not a priority right now.