Documentation on Perspective client side typescript interfaces

Hello all! Just recently diving into the deep end of Ignition modules, specifically targeting perspective.

So far so great, but I find myself a bit at a loss in terms of the client side TypeScript interfaces exposed. The javadocs are great for the Gateway side code, but there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent for the client side Perspective interfaces. I’m usually ending up going through the *.d.ts files under node_modules/@inductiveautomation with mild success.

Is the recommended way at the moment to go by the *.d.ts files or are there sources of documentation regarding client-side Perspective module integration?

Yes, the definition files are generally the best thing to refer to. Admittedly, I haven’t spent much time looking at documentation options, but last I recall there wasn’t a ‘standard’ documentation tool for front end projects the way there is with Java. As our internal tooling evolves, it’s something we’ll keep in mind and possibly make available at some point in the future.

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Thanks Perry! I figured this must be the case. Cheers!