Does anyone know the answer to this License and activation challenge question

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I can’t tell if it’s certification or just something from the IU videos.

Its from the free UI license and activation challenge. The only place to check licensing is in the Licensing page or the Modules page. The damn thing tells me both are incorrect.

Thanks for reaching out! Yep, something isn't quite right here.

It looks like some backend upgrades we've been making are messing with how input from those fill in the blank style questions are being interpreted. I removed the question for now, so you should be able to move forward while I take care of the rest of the those style of questions.

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Thanks. I've been trying to answer that question all day. I was getting quite frustrated.

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Yeah apologies for that. Certainly not the type of experience we're trying to create with IU. If you do run into any more oddities, feel free to shoot and email to