Does automatic gateway backup stops the service?- how big is the impact

Just stumbled across info in the inductiveuniversity that gateway backup stops the service momentarily.
1 Does it mean that it should not be used in production ?
2 How long does service stop for?
3 If remote tag providers i assume they could be affected as well?

Taking a backup does not stop anything and is safe to use during production. We have auto backups running every x minutes, during production with no issues.

Restoring a backup will stop and restart the gateway. Doesn't take more than a few minutes if that at most. But it also depends on the size of the backup and what not.

taking backups = no worries,
restoring backups = let production know they are gonna loose their screens for a minute.


This is not strictly true. The gateway's internal database has to be dumped to a temporary file, and that can be time consuming on very large systems (or older ones that don't prune the DB). If the internal DB is locked for 30 seconds or more, other parts of the gateway can fail. Not common, but I've seen it.


thanks Phil for sharing this, i really like ignition and i am always interested how things work under the hood