Does component Alarm Status Table not have a property for total alarms?

I didn’t like the overhead that came along with the filterAlarm event. I ended up going with the the conditions property to a source that will populate the alarms status table. This works and will update the label next to the alarm icon with the value of Alarms.

I don’t want to use the system.alarm.queryStatus(). Seems like the table component already has the current number of alarms working and why not build on that?

Using getChildren() I can’t seem to find the value of the text that gets updated when an alarm is active.

I don’t see a property for the total alarms. system.alarm.queryStatus() or directly querying the alarm tables is likely what you will have to do. Of the two the direct query is probably going to be the most performant since you can just have it return an integer.

I was able to get somewhat close with this:
num = len(system.alarm.queryStatus(state=[ActiveAcked],source=‘default’))|

Outside of the Extension Functions of filterAlarm does anyone know if the Alarm Status Table raises an event that I can use?