Does excuteReport invoke Report "Run Script" Action?

I have a report with a run script action setup that I want to invoke using I don’t need to distribute the report, just force run the script the report contains. When I execute the report, nothing happens and no errors in the logs. If I manually run the script from inside the report, it works fine. So I’m wondering if the script is even executing when calling

If it doesn’t, I guess I could setup a shared script and call that from the report script and anywhere else I need it. Still curious on why executing didn’t run the script.

It doesn’t get invoked, I setup a logger and it only prints the logs to the gateway when run from inside the report. I’m surprised executeReport() doesn’t get invoked, I guess because the “Run Script” action is only ran from a scheduled event.

That's exactly why.

If you need a script to run every time the report is executed, why not just put your code into a script data source? There's no 'rule' that you have to actually add new datasources there.

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Very true, I didn't think of that.