Does FactorySQL support ControlLogix UDDTs?

Does FactorySQL support ControlLogix User defined data types? Is there something special that you need to do with RSLinx or buy?

Yes. Control Logix user defined data types should “feel” like any other data in FactorySQL. You should be able to browse, drag, and drop like usual.

There are “tricks” with the data types that the OPC server (RSLinx) supports that FactorySQL will not browse. This is not specific to Allen Bradley or Control Logix. For example, bits in an AB SLC the integer word N7:2 can be referenced as N7:2/0 for the first bit, N7:2/1 for the second, etc.

You can use any version of RSlinx classic except “lite”. OEM, professional, and gateway will all work fine.

Somewhat related…

What about ControlLogix string types?
Technically they are UDTs, made up of one tag for length and an array of SINTs for the characters.

With RSSQL you append SCxx to the end of the tag, where xx is the number of characters to grab.

Is it the same for FactorySQL?

Yeah, according to the rslinx help file (How to->Collect Data->Item syntax->Controllogix), the format is:


Where the XX would be the number of chars to get.


Just to clarify, you need the array index of the first character as well: