Does Find/Replace search in the Script Module Editor?

When we try to carry out a search, it doesn’t seem to be searching the code in the Script Module Editor.

It doesn’t seem to be searching in a window’s internalFrameActivated code either. Can you publish a list of where it is searching?


I verified that the script modules are currently being searched correctly. This should make it into 7.2.4. I’ll have to look into the window events.


Having used the Find/Replace function in v7.2.5 we can confirm that it is not searching within a window’s internalFrameActivated event. We have a lot of code in this event in different windows and we really need to be able to include it in a search.

We have run into a number of other problems with search and replace. Chief among these is that replace doesn’t actually work (!). We have also noticed that having the Find/Replace window open causes real problems with window focus if you have another code window open. Often you can open a code window and highlight some text, but when you press , it asks if you want to delete the control i.e. the focus is still on the underlying window, not on the code editor.

There are also still issues with window locking - it would appear that Find/Replace cannot safely be used in a multi-developer environment.

Finally, we found we couldn’t search on whole words e.g. a search for ‘print’ would also return all occurrences of ‘fingerprint’.

Find/Replace is a great feature but appears to need more work before it can be relied on.


I’ve made a ticket out of the issues you described above, we’ll get to them.

Most of these issues have been resolved in 7.2.7 (Window properties/scripts, replace not working for scripts on closed windows, and the locking issues)