Does Historical Tag works with OPC-COM module?

I am using OPC-COM module as a data source, ignition as OPC UA gateway to tunnel data. this works great. and now I want to log those data, does historical tag feature take OPC-COM as a data source?

I have tried adding a Historical Tag Providers, by giving ignition OPC DA ProgId, and I doing it correctly?
Is there a document that teach me how to set this up?

one more question, the tag providers status shows Demo Expired, do I need to acquire a license for this feature?

In this set up you don’t want to use a historical tag provider, even though that sounds like a reasonable guess.

You would just make a UA connection to the gateway doing the tunneling, subscribe to tags like normal, and then enable history on them.

To clarify a bit more, the tag history feature (which stores data to databases) requires the SQL Bridge module. That is why the demo is expiring.

You might want to check out this course in the Inductive University, it might help clarify some things.