Does Ignition 8 support 32-bit Vision clients?

Under discontinued features in the upgrade guide for Ignition 8 it states:

Support for 32-bit platforms other than ARM has been discontinued

I looked around a bit, but didn’t find anything to clarify whether this applies to gateway only, or to clients as well. After reviewing the upgrade guide, we’d like to upgrade to Ignition 8 for some of the improvements, but unfortunately still have various 32-bit clients around–including one running Windows XP that can’t be upgraded for various reason (we’re working on eliminating it by migrating everything on it to Ignition).

Does Ignition 8 support 32-bit Vision clients now?

If not, is support for 32-bit Vision clients coming in a future release of Ignition 8?

No, not supported and not currently planned.

Thanks for confirming @Kevin.Herron. We’ll have to look more closely at options for affected clients before moving to version 8.

Not an ideal solution for a project done in Vision, but would Perspective run on 32-bit Windows?

Perspective clients will work on a 32-bit machine as long as there are still recent Chrome or Firefox builds being made that will run on them…


Figured so; thanks for confirming.

this post has workaround for running Vision clients on 32-bit systems.

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