Does Ignition Designer have preferences?

i'd like to make some changes:

  1. change tooltip duration. always in the way.
  2. change default font and font size in script window. big monitor, why squint?
  3. change tab depth on Python indents. monitor not THAT wide...

doable, or not a chance?

@PGriffith mentioned i wasn't necessarily handcuffed to this IDE, but i would like some more details on how that would work. i'd like to be able to implement Git at the very least but have no idea where to start getting that rolling with our projects. i'm presuming, as they are all hosted on the Ignition Gateway server, we'd need to remotely mount that drive and folder system? once a file is changed, does Ignition automatically reload it in the browser? in the Designer?

now that things are picking up speed, i'm starting to get more chafed working with the Designer scripting UI for Python and CSS. particularly since i've been using better tools for decades for writing code.

Check out Incendium by @thecesrom
GitHub - thecesrom/incendium: :package: Package that extends and wraps Ignition scripting API

I'm not using git with Ignition yet, but there should be many topics in the forum on this, just search, plus there is some advice on using git here Ignition 8 Deployment Best Practices | Inductive Automation

very useful. thank you. and, yeah, i should search more. i'm on a deadline and so it feels faster to just ask. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the kind nudge. :smiley:

EDIT: i am assuming a big NO to my list...? :sob:

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To my knowledge no, but not sure if there is any secrets since I haven't explored a ton beyond the designer options itself. For the text size, you can CTRL + scroll wheel to zoom in/out in most places I think, but it doesn't set a default unfortunately.

In terms of Git, I would definitely look into the module if you have some testing time. I haven't had time to yet, but the other option while it works, was very bumpy to setup for me and took some debugging (Granted I haven't used Git enough in the past so I did have some knowledge gaps there in general). There are teases of lots of improvements on the horizon when 8.3 comes out, but that's down the road still.

okay, good to know. thank you. i do have Incedium on my list of things to get to once i pass my deadline. as i will with the Git setup. i was hoping it would be a simpler setup, but if they are using GitLab, that is longer but definitely worthwhile.

i'll revisit this when i have done some more legwork. until then, i'll keep suffering along. :smiley:

You are in luck with git. There's a module for that: