Does Ignition have any cross reference?

Could you please help me to find out what cross reference is available in Ignition? i look around and find …nothing

I cannot check how many times and where the tag was used
i dont know how many times each template was used
i dont know what is the difference between 2 version of the project…

Unfortunately because you can build tag paths on the fly, there’s no way for us to give you a list of where every tag is used.

With Ignition 8, if you’ve checked your project into version control it’s really easy to see which resources have changed between versions. Some resources are now stored as text, so for things like scripts you can even see exactly what the change is.

As per @KathyApplebaum there seems to currently be no cross reference. But a Tags Cross Reference feature request does exists, and is marked as being under review. So there maybe hope for the future.