Does Ignition have any cross reference?

Could you please help me to find out what cross reference is available in Ignition? i look around and find …nothing

I cannot check how many times and where the tag was used
i dont know how many times each template was used
i dont know what is the difference between 2 version of the project…

Unfortunately because you can build tag paths on the fly, there’s no way for us to give you a list of where every tag is used.

With Ignition 8, if you’ve checked your project into version control it’s really easy to see which resources have changed between versions. Some resources are now stored as text, so for things like scripts you can even see exactly what the change is.

As per @KathyApplebaum there seems to currently be no cross reference. But a Tags Cross Reference feature request does exists, and is marked as being under review. So there maybe hope for the future.

What is needed is a tool that can be used to “scan” an exported project for every reference of every tag in the project. By cross referencing an exported project file, we can get a snapshot in time of all the tags and where they are used. This tool would run on a client computer and would not burden the Ignition server other than the project export. The file output from the tool would give a line for every instance of a tag and where it is used similar to the Find/Replace results. For example, if I have a tag named Input1 that is used in 10 scripts on five screens and one property binding on each of those screens, Input1 would have 55 lines listing each of these instances. The output file should be a csv to allow for sorting in a spread sheet. The output file could be very large depending on tag count and usage but at least we could sort through it in a spreadsheet. A static cross reference is better than no cross reference at all.

Doesn’t exist. Handling project resources (as encoded in exports) is astonishingly difficult outside the platform, and rather difficult inside the platform. See this related thread:

Similar to this older, pre-v8 topic:

OK, so it’s hard if not impossible to cross reference tags on an exported project. Do it in the designer. Most of the coding must be done already with the Find/Replace feature. Automate the Find/Replace to run through every tag and send the results to a text file. Seems simple so what am I missing? Even the ability to copy/paste the results of the Find/Replace would be helpful. I could then trudge through tags and copy/paste the results into a spreadsheet to manually generate a tag cross reference!

Fixed in 8.1.1, for what it’s worth.

We’re aware of the demand for some kind of tag cross-reference tool, and implementing something (exactly what that will be is to-be-determined) is a part of our plans to pay down maintenance debt in Ignition’s 8.1 lifecycle.


Hi, folks! The Inductive Automation software engineering team is looking for users to provide feedback on concept designs pertaining to this topic on cross reference. We would love to schedule some time with our users to get thoughts on the concept!

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