Does Ignition support Milestone Systems?

Does Ignition support Milestone System cameras? The IP camera function isn't working properly because we are needing to call directly to the Milestone server to pull feed from there.

Vision or Perspective?

Why doesn’t this work?

Vision. We are trying to find a solution that doesn't involve giving full network access to end users. We would rather pull from the Milestone server than direct access to each IP camera stream

The best solution I’ve seen is to use something like ffmpeg running on the Ignition Gateway server to create a proxy to all the camera feeds. This way only the Gateway needs to be on that network, and as a bonus if the feeds aren’t in a format the component supports ffmpeg can surely transcode it for you.

Ok. So, this is for the Ignition server to basically handle pulling the stream then giving it to the end user via the link?


Could you show me an example of what the shortcut/string might look like for pulling the ffmpeg proxy?

No, sorry.

You’ll have to embark on the same man page / Google / Stack Overflow journey that I would.


Ok. Thanks


That's essentially what my Image Streamer driver module does, FFmpeg transcoding to MJPEG via OpenCV.

That is, if you want something packaged up neatly, with no additional ports open on the gateway.


Milestone is a NVR software (or appliance) that does the recording of many different brands of cameras. I don't recall if they have a way to get a video feed off of it directly as MJPEG, but they do have an ONVIF bridge that will output an RTSP stream. I don't know if your system has this (I know free version does not), but they're usually more bandwidth efficient, and will also use h.264 or h.265 video encoding rather than MJPEG/JPEG. With that being said, I know Ignition IP Camera Viewer doesn't support RTSP (I tried it to confirm), but the MIlestone XProtect app usually has a web interface. You may try embedding it somehow, but would have to reach out to Milestone to see if that's even possible.