Does Ignition support Port forwarding?

I am trying to make the Ignition OPC client to connect to the OPC UA on a PLC using Port forwarding. I have problems so that’s why I am asking - does Ignition support Port forwarding?

(Server with Ignition is on WAN, PLC on LAN. Between a switch with the NAPT table)

I use version 8.0

Yes, but you may need to fiddle with some of the settings manually, or set the Host Override setting to the WAN address yourself.

How far are you getting and what errors?

This is what the environment looks like:
Server IP
Switch IP External
Switch IP Internal

NAPT Ext->Internal ->

When trying to connect, log shows “connection timed out: /”

So, if I add in switch:
NAPT Ext->Internal ->
Connection works
I then get:
Discovery URL: opc.tcp://
Endpoint URL:opc.tcp://

So, from what I understand, the OPC client is trying to connect to
But it should connect through in my opinion.

These settings for discovery and endpoint URL seem correct:

Discovery URL: opc.tcp://
Endpoint URL: opc.tcp://

There’s an advanced setting on the connection called Host Override, try setting it to

Thanks for quick help.
Funny thing is that I got to have the NAPT row → when creating connection.
When I have added the :100 in Host Override, I can remove the NAPT-row.
Anyway, It looks at it works now :slight_smile:

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