Does Ignition support Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021?

I would like to use Ignition perspective for our project. Is Ignition supports the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021? In the system requirements web page, it is just mentioned as windows OS supports but how to check the specific windows OS type supports or not?

Ignition is basically platform independent and supports the Windows platform. It also supports Linux.
You can use any of the well-known web interfaces. Chrome ver 57 up, Edge Ver 16 up, Firefox Ver52 up and Safari ver 11 up. In general, the supported browser listed above do a good job at staying up to date with implementation and support of these new specifications.
The general policy is to only use features that have been supported for some time, whenever possible. Overall, they will always recommend that you keep your browser up to date to take advantage of browser features, fixes, and most importantly for security updates.


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We deploy many Ignition systems each year and are slowly moving away from Win Server (standard in our corner of the automation industry) and testing Win10 IOT as something our clients consider palatable. I'm not concerned about installing Ignition direct on Windows and loading our golden gateway backup, but I am always up for optimizing deployments. Our rugged server vendor can pre-load a custom drive image on our units, then we can use containers/stacks to deploy just as we are starting to do in our non-prod environments.