Does ignition support writing math equations in equation format similar to microsoft word

please let me know if there is a way to do this rather than having to manually create it using text and lines? Thanks

The basic answer is no, although it would help to know what context you're talking about. In Vision, in a report, in an email, where?

Okay thanks.
In Vision. I wanted to write some equation to show how some of the values are calculated and format it so that it will look nicer and easier to calculate.

In 7.9 especially, your options are a little bit limited.

The two most plausible options are basically the Web Browser module, hosting a webpage using something like MathJax.

Or doing it all yourself in code using the Paintable Canvas, but that's a tall order.

I wouldn't recommend either approach, particularly, but something could probably be made to work if it was an absolute requirement.

You could also, if these formulas don't change very often, render them in some external tool and just embed images into your Vision project.