Does JYTHON support sockets?

Does JYTHON in Ignition support Socket programming as in JAVA? The scripting functions seems to allow GET/POST/PUT calls to a web server but how achieve communication with an application on the same or other host in the network?

One possibility if to use JAVA code from JYTHON to invoke the Socket calls from JAVA libraries, but is there a direct support for TCP/IP sockets in JYTHON (as in JAVA) ?

I think PYTHON supports socket communication but not sure if its only with a web server.

Please throw some light on it.

Both approaches are workable, though many newer python libraries for various encryption tasks won’t work with jython 2.5. And you might have to package a Java library in a module if you need specialized functionality on that side.

This isn’t really a new topic here in the forums. Try this search.

Thanks Phil,
However I don’t seem to have access to the link that you posted! Can someone give access to that discussion forum?


All it is is a shortcut to putting “socket” in the forum search form, through the link at the top right. Link works for me and requires no special permissions.

I don’t see any forum search link or box anywhere on top right of my screen!

[quote=“Pramanj”]I don’t see any forum search link or box anywhere on top right of my screen![/quote]This is what I see on the forum:

You might need to work with your IT department if they are filtering your web pages.