Does New perspective license(client No. base) include Internal Historian

As for new perspective module licensing module which is base on clients number, is that include Internal Historian (not Tag Historian which work with SQL)?

I don’t understand the question.
Perspective license restrictions (on number of mobile, browser, or workstation sessions) have nothing to do with the historian, and historian licenses have nothing to do with Perspective.

Internal historian is available without a historian license; just install the historian module and create an internal historian. Vision and Perspective can then both access it like any other historian.

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Thanks that is what I meant.
What about time frame limitation like one week edge panel?
If there is no time, we have even cheaper solution for HMI Panel with more capability.
For example we also have gateway script.

As far as I know, there is no enforced limit on the size/time of the internal historian. You can adjust those limits in settings on the gateway. I haven’t tried setting it higher than a week as we store long-term data to a remote historian, but didn’t see anything to suggest you couldn’t.

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Hi Just want to confirm that you can use the internal historian by installing the Tag Historian module but run it in trial mode? You don’t need to fully license the Tag Historian module for this work in a production system?
I’ve been told that you have to fully license the Tag Historian module for you to use the Internal Historian in a production system. Would be great to get confirmation from you on this.

What I wrote was accurate when I wrote it; it worked. I have since learned it was unintentional. As of 2020-12-08 communication from IA rep, internal historian was supposed to require a historian license and what you wrote below is now correct: