Does "Save and Exit" save all outstanding changes?

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I had a quick question:

I was reading through this documentation here: Saving Projects - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation
and it lists the different type of ways to save a project.

However, upon exiting designer, I am asked if I want to "Save and Exit" or just "Exit." My question is: does "Save and Exit" save all outstanding changes to a project, or the whole project itself?

Hi Spoops, love the username. What in your mind is the difference between saving all outstanding changes to the project vs saving the whole project?

I've never actually thought about this.... Usually if I hit the Close button in the designer, I'll hit Save and Close to be sure my changes were saved and that's that.

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And that is a good question!

There are a couple of reasons why outstanding changes vs saving everything is important for our use case.

The big reason (and easiest to explain reason) is this: My colleague and I work on ignition projects together, and we like to try to keep a good track record on who changed what page. If someone hit saves all, we don't really know what changes happened and when.

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It sounds like enabling an Audit profile will give you this information (ie. project saves and by whom).


It saves the whole project as it is in the specific developer's designer. It does not save pending changes made in other designers. With multiple developers working simultaneously, it is important to import from the gateway prior to saving.

Thank you, that is very helpful!

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