Does require any specific Ignition modules?

Two quick questions:

Does require any specific modules to be licensed?
Is there a reliable list showing what module licenses are required for each scripting function or group?


this function is part of platform and should not require any modules.

Generally speaking, scripting functions added by a module will use a prefix that indicates that’s the case (system.sfc, system.opcua, system.perspective, uh… there’s probably others).

That said, I think there are (or were?) a handful of older functions that don’t use a vision-specific prefix even though they are added by the Vision module… I’m having trouble tracking down whether that ever got changed or not though.

Looks like system.util, system.gui, system.user required Vision up until 8.0.2. system.file looks like it still requires Vision. Can’t find any other tickets, but there might be others.