Does the Ignition Platform include Tag Alarm

My Licensed Item includes the Ignition Platform. Is it available for use in the ALarms configuration of Tag Editor and will it continue to be available after the 2-hour expiration.

I only use the Alarm Status Table

Very crucial, I'm a bit confused
Thank you.

Show your license details. (But not the license code--don't show that in public.)

Alarms on tags are part of the base Ignition platform.

There are two alarm status tables, one in Vision, and one in Perspective. They are part of those modules.

Alarm notifications (pipelines) are part of the alarm notification module, which comes with email notification capabilities. Text message and/or Voice notifications are other modules to add.

This is my license (hidden)

After I configured the Tag Alarm, I only needed to check it in the vision's Alarm Status Table

You are licensed for Vision, so the Alarm Status Table is covered under that license.

Thank you very much! Where can I find instructions or what to include in the ignition platform :smiling_face: