Does the store and forward system work with db update queries?

As in title, do db update calls from script get added into the store and forward system?

Isn’t that what these are for?


Well then, I didn’t even know these existed! That’s exactly what I’m after, cheers

Nick, those are exactly the queries you want to use in order to take advantage of the Store & Forward system. However, one thing that is frustrating with using them, at least in my limited experience, is that updates do not immediately reflect on queries that follow right after. This is more important in how you design something, because sometimes you want to insert/update, then read back current values for display. You will have to build a delay function into your process, or just expect the visual to change once it gets processed by the S&F engine. Otherwise, this is exceptionally helpful to not lose data when leveraging remote database connections.

The other nice feature you can get with the S&F version is the ability to duplicate data to multiple data sources in a single script.