Does the User Management Only work with default_Ignition?

I had the User Management component working with the default_Ignition connection, I had to use a DB Auth and i linked it to my tables. It sees the users, roles, etc… But it does not allow me to edit anything.

Is this correct? I thought in the instructions it stated:

“The user management panel provides a built-in way to edit users and roles from a client. To use this component, you should be aware that it is only editing the users and roles from a single User Source. By default, the component will use the user source of the containing project. You can change this by typing in the name of another user source into the component’s “User Source” property.”

I changed the User source but i cant edit anything, is there a setting I’m missing? Thanks

Various user sources offer differing levels of edit-ability.

Database user sources in Automatic mode are fully editable.

Database user sources in Manual mode are not editable.

Database / Active Directory user sources are not editable.

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Thanks Carl,

I’m using Database with user sources in Manual Mode, like i stated in the op it shows everything but it does not give me the ability to edit anything. Any suggestions? Thanks

Like I said in my post, user sources in manual mode are not editable.

What you’re seeing is the correct, intended behavior.

Think about it - how would our software know how to edit the tables when they’re of your own design? We can only edit database user sources when we created the tables - that’s what Automatic mode does.

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