Domain Connection Issues Caused by 7.8.3?

Dear Support,

It appears when we upgraded from version 7.8.1 to 7.8.3, our Ignition Service freezes or crashes in a very specific situation. The situation is that 7.8.3 gateway service crashes or freezes only if the server machine is on a domain controller. When we take the server off domain and onto WORKGROUP, everything is fine. This situation did not happen in version 7.81.

I am pretty sure nothing special has been changed in our domain controller/dns/GPO. Unfortunately, the Ignition logs are overwritten by unrelated journal buffer errors, so I cannot see what is happening on the Ignition end.

However, the windows system event logs show Error event ID 1054, and Error event ID 5719, which are all related to failures of GroupPolicy and RPC Server, etc.

In my past experience, when upgrading to different versions, it usually is a bug in the Ignition version. Would anybody in support be able to confirm reports of bugs in version 7.8.3 with similar issues as mine? I have made not changes to system or network except for upgrading the Igntion version.

Do you have any auth profiles that use AD?

Hi Kevin,

Yes I have auth profiles that use AD. I do have anoter server on the domain that doesn’t have any of the same crashing or freezing issues, but the Gateway only uses a local profile and not AD.

My thinking is that with version 7.8.3, and the gateway using an auth profile with AD, if the server is on the domain, it has some issues. Once taken off domain, no issue. But the requirement of my office is to have all gateway servers on domain. We never had any of these issues with 7.8.1.