Domino Printer and TCP protocol

Has anyone integrated a domino printer with TCP protocol, I am trying to configure it, or has anyone used this protocol with scripts.

Hi, What kind of protocol are you handling in the printer, in my case I am handling CODENET, but domino handles 2 more, if you could share with me how you are doing the communication with the driver, I could help you, I am currently testing with another software called N3URON, to make this connection.

I just linked to another thread on the forum, I was not the original poster there...

Its been quite a while since I configured that printer, but we just used the standard Ignition TCP device driver I believe and sent the commands as strings to the printer similar to what was detailed in that other thread. Unfortunately, I don't have the documentation handy for that printer since that project was completed a few years ago, but it was from Domino, so should be able to track it down for your model through them.