Double-Click Not Functioning in Perspective Table within Developer Tools in Web Browser

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a project involving a main view and a popup view. In the main view, there is a table, and a popup is supposed to open when a table row is clicked. Here's the issue I'm facing: when I launch the application in a web browser and click a table row, the popup opens as expected. However, when I open the developer tools and click the table row, the popup does not appear.

I would appreciate any insights or assistance with this matter.

Thank you.

What ? That's... what ?

Did you change things in your dev tools configurations ?
Maybe you removed a listener by mistake ?
For example if I click remove here:
clicking on the button that's on that page has no effect anymore.

Anything in the logs when you try to open the popup and it doesn't work ?

No, @pascal.fragnoud , i don't delete anything in developer tools

Using 8.1.33, I have verified the onRowClick Event is executing every time I click a Table row while the Developer Tools are open (Chrome). Is there any special logic which would prevent the Popup from opening under some condition? Have you looked at the Gateway logs to see if your script is encountering an exception of some sort?

Theoretically, if you have a Click event (instead of onActionPerformed) and the dev tools is open to the device toolbar (responsive or a certain device) AND the device is set to mobile (touch), would the click event be registered? I remember there being nuance there but I can't remember what it was (so I try to use Buttons and onActionPerformed as much as I can).