Double click power table navigation along-with parameter


want to use double click extension function to navigate to a window using the parameter to pass through along with one other parameter to from root window but not able to pass the parameter available from which navigation needs to happen.

I tried the code in the power table double click extension function:

Def Ondoubleclick(self, rowindex, colIndex, ColName,Value,event):#not working
parma1= value
param2= event.source.parent.Station_ID #from template properties)‘Windows2’,{‘SerialNum’:param1, ‘StnID’: param2})

Def Ondoubleclick(self, rowindex, colIndex, ColName,Value,event):#working fine
parma1= value‘Windows2’,{‘SerialNum’:param1})

Can anyone help to why that’s not working…?
Thanks in advance

Extension functions don’t have the event variable. (Copy and pasted from elsewhere?) Use self.parent.Station_ID.

Thanks, @pturmel. Already came up with that solution but this helps a lot.