Double click to accept dropdown selections

I have technicians reporting that they are needing to double click on a dropdown selection, for it to be accepted, when they previously only had to click their selection once. I did perform and update from 8.1.5 to 8.1.14 two days ago.

Has anyone else experienced a change in the behavior of some dropdowns?

Do you have any scripts that may be interfering? I am able to select on the dropdown component using single clicks in 8.1.14.

I do not. The component has two bindings, one to a custom parameter that provides the data set and the other that is bound to a tag so it gets updated with the selection. These have not been changed in over a year. We have had issues with the dropdown not closing after a selection is made. Even then, that single click committed the selection and we just had to click outside of the dropdown for it to close.

I would say its a bad or dirty screen, if touch screen.

No touch screens. Judging by the responses, this is likely something happening on the particular components and not a system issue.

Would you be able to share a project export of the window that has the dropdown component? We will need to see your specific setup to try to replicate it.

I don’t think I can, due to IP. Thanks

I would say it’s time to call support. Remember the forum is not official support.

that’s why I didn’t call support. I have not tried everything yet, it is not time to call support

You do your own mental algebra, but at some point its worth asking a subject matter expert for help vs beating your head against a wall. In my experience reports like this have range from user error to a long lived mistake in the PLC programming. Without being about to put eyes on the problem or replicate it there isn’t much that can be done.

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