Double clicking embedded view open the reference view

Is it nice like Vision when double-clicking embedded view, perspective open the reference view itself?

Because each time if a user wants to edit an embedded view that is used in a page, he had to find which view is used in the embedded view by doing a lot of double-clicking until he reaches the embedded view(especially when it is nested in two or three containers) and after that go in perspective view tree and search for that and open it which is a tedious task.

But after selecting embedded view if it is possible by double-clicking perspective open that view, it is much easier and save a lot of time.

Please vote this up if you agree with me.

This is a longstanding feature request (I think initially requested by you, even) - it’s not going to be double clicking, because double click == deep select in Perspective, but the plan is to add a ‘Modify Source View’ or similar action to the right click menu, just like Vision had for templates.


What about a “return to master size” option too when they’re embedded in coord containers? I thought about implementing my own dodgy workaround in the meantime… But it would be a bit of work, and ugly to use…


As a feature request I’d love a right click context menu to open an embedded view. As well as another option to close the currently open embedded view and open the parent. And finally a status line somewhere that indicates what is the path to the object that is currently being modified.

And I’ll keep asking for a pony.

This part can’t be done because any View could potentially have many parents.

I know we’re working on a “breadcrumb” sort of breakdown which shows the path to the component you have selected, but are you looking for the same thing for Views?


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While a View can have many parents, if I am editing a page and click into a specific view, then I should be able to back out to the page where I started from. Of course all bets are off if I jump to another page to edit (or as in other HMIs you need to back out before you can navigate elsewhere).

Yes I am. The reason being that because there are no “template libraries” for views in perspective, the best advice I have received is to create a dummy page full of my master reference views and copy them to what ever actual pages I want to deploy them to. (See my question Can you create libraries of custom objects for Perspective? and especially the comments about performance killing with deeply nested embedded views)

As an aid to make sure I am in the right spot, I want to see a breadcrumb path from the perspective root down to where I am editing, so I know that I am changing my master copy and not editing one of the deployed instances.

Of course even better would be to have a true library of views in perspective where by changes to the master view are automatically propagated to all the reference views at design time.

But I don’t want a :racehorse:, I want a :carousel_horse: :grin:

As a sidebar, we’re hoping to land some major improvements on that front soon.


As in perspective unlike the vision we don’t have any template fodler, it is nice if we can change view folder icon in view tree so we can locate out library much faster by a simple look.

Hah, I was right! I’m going to see what I can do to get the modify source view thing bumped up.

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Closing the loop: this is available on embedded views and flex repeaters in the latest snapshot/8.1.6.