Double Login

I have our gateway on a public IP using HTTPS, but I have to enter my credentials twice before I am taken to the actual home page. This happens on the public and private side for me. Is this a bug or config error on my part?

This is not the first report of this behavior so I’m pretty sure it is a bug, but we’ve yet to identify the cause or replicate it in-house. Can you give me the details of what kind of user source you’re using and its settings? Also, browser & browser settings? Cookies enabled?

I saw this on Friday before I upgraded to 7.6.1rc3. Didn’t think much of it. I can’t seem to replicate it with rc3. There was a red error on the login screen every time it happened. Check with Colby or Anna and see if they remember anything - they were watching my system on Friday when it happened, but they too may have chalked it up to user error.

I was/am using Firefox 20.0.1, cookies enabled - no specific settings. HTTP over the LAN. I had both AD and the local user profiles, but the gateway login (where I was seeing the problem) was set to use “default” for the system user source.

Hope that helps a little.

IE 10 with internal security. Cookies are enabled. I will play with it some more and try and get you more details. Only happens when we are logging in from the WAN I believe.

So when I get to the homepage it defaults to Config. If I actually click on Home or Config and then log in it doesn’t ask me to log in twice.