Double Range Slider in Perspective

Is anyone know how to have a double range slider in perspective?
I tried to create it with mouse drag event but it is too slow over the internet.
I wonder if anyone has a module for it.
Thanks for any help or advance


After a lot of shameful messing around I came up with this.

Double slider normal view

It consists of five component elements:

  • A linear scale.
  • A label to generate the blue track.
  • A label to generate the grey track at the right hand side.
  • The range start (lower) slider.
  • The range end (upper) slider.

If you select the view’s debug parameter you will get this to reveal to operation.

Double slider debug view

Moving the sliders triggers the onActionPerformed event. Both of these call a message handler attached to the lower slider.

In its current configuration it doesn’t allow the range to be a single point.

Here’s the project. (13.8 KB)