Double recording when during network latency

We currently have an ignition project that interacts with our PLEX ERP system to count parts and record production to plex. We use a third party module called plex connector that gives us the ability to send webservice calls to plex in order to record production.

At random times when network is experiencing latency issues between the client and the server(gateway) we get instances of double recording in plex, like two request where sent to the gateway to process recording production into plex. Recording a full container is triggered by a boolean tag change event. I’ve added a one shot button to try to elevate the issue though we still get reports of double recording at times and it’s not completely reliable yet.

Does anyone have any ideas to help prevent this from happening?

Hmmm. This:

[quote=“nputnam, post:1, topic:17000”]
latency issues between the client and the server(gateway)
[/quote]And this:

[quote=“nputnam, post:1, topic:17000”]
triggered by a boolean tag change event
[/quote]Don’t go together. Is the tag change event in the client event scripts? If so, that would explain your problem. Move it to a gateway event script. Also, check that you are properly handling the initialChange flag and any changes in quality.

Consider using a timestamp as your trigger, where the last good-quality recording includes that timestamp, so you can check it for duplicates.

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