Doubled entries through the transaction group


We are facing some troubles with doubled entries through our transaction groups. We found out that the troubles began on the 17th of September at around 8.45 a.m. In close proximity to this date we were setting up our development server in which the gateway was restored from the productive server’s gateway back-up. It seems like this started some sort of an event which is causing these doubled entries and although we stopped the gateway service on the development machine, the problem has still not been solved. A gateway restart on the productive server also had no effect.

In addition we noticed a weird occurence. It seems like some of our tags have doubled, but this is the case for working machines as well. Sending some informative pictures:


Ignition version is 8.0.16 and the transaction groups were working nicely before said date.

Are you sure you don’t still have both gateways running?
2X gateways = 2x Transaction groups writing to the same database.


For a development machine to not clash with a production machine, they must be on different but functionally identical networks. If database names and device names and such are configured in Ignition with hostnames, then the local DNS for each network can point the dev server at appropriate alternate DB servers and possibly alternate OPC devices. Otherwise the dev network must also use the same IP addresses as the production network for a testable environment. The latter requires extra attention at the isolation router to enable developers to access both dev and prod systems (if you allow that).

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The “restore disabled” option is handy when you cannot properly isolate a dev or temporary gateway, but you absolutely must change the target of your DB and device connections before enabling them (one by one), or disasters like yours will ensue. Unfortunately, making such changes means a dev server backup is not suitable for restore into production in an emergency. A “mirrored” network for development is really valuable.

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