Doubt on Module

Hi Guys,
So I am having a tag change client event scripts where I needed some delay, we used to do time.sleep() functionality before, but going through the posts in forum by @pturmel and others I understood that using Sleep() is a really bad idea. So I came across module made by Phil and started using the callLater() function.

        The function and the module are working fine in components, but I see the module not responding properly when used in client event scripts, like if I define a function with some tag reads and other functionality and then the tag reads are not happening properly. 

      Is it something that I alone is facing or is there some compatibility issue with client event scripts, because I saw similar issues while using invokeLater function in client event scripts

Consider using try/except blocks in your troublesome scripts and a logger to report actions. (Some background scripts don’t print or report errors properly, but loggers work.)

Also, log the return values from system.tag.write*() operations.

{No need to start a new topic.}

Ok will do that, but the module should work fine with client event scripts right?


ok will do as you suggested and let you know, thanks for the support Phil.