Doubts about bar chart

Good evening. My name is Felipe. I received today from the manager of the company that I work on the task of creating a dynamic bar graph (or something similar to a bar graph), whose goal is to increment a new bar hourly and delete the last bar from the graph. in the image below I used the cylinder tank components to exemplify what I mean. I used the MES Analysis Controller component to generate hourly production information and record the hourly efficiency value in each tank based on the following equation:


In the example below, the MES Analysis Controller component generated values ​​until 12:00 and the idea would be that as soon as the hourly production information from 1 pm appears, the 7:00 information from the graph disappears, as well as the time at 2 pm appears. 8 am bar disappeared and so on. I exhausted my attempts and the forum has helped me a lot and I appreciate the help and each one. thank you so much.

I really don’t know if it’s possible, but I appreciate the help of each one