Doubts about Ignition Central Server and Ignition Edge

Hi All,

  1. Can we develop dashboards at the central ignition and push them to the edge?
  2. Can we push code / scripts from the central ignition to the edge?
  3. Can we Control a device from central dashboard
    Central ignition Dashboard -> Ignition Edge -> MQTT -> IOT Gateway -> PLC
  4. Is there a concept of assets and asset hierarchy in Ignition?
  5. Is there relationships possible between assets and devices?
  6. Can we create an asset at central ignition and push it to the Edge?
  7. At the central ignition, only certain users should be able to control the edge. Is it possible to enforce that?

Thanks in Advance

  1. Yes, via the enterprise admin module (single edge project, though).
  2. Yes, via the enterprise admin module, as above.
  3. Yes. Edge's tag providers can be connected to the central as remote tag providers, with write privileges.
  4. No, but Ignition is hierarchical, so you can roll your own with UDTs and careful orchestration of tags and tag providers.
  5. Only what you put in UDTs.
  6. Writable remote tag providers can create new tags and UDT instances.
  7. Yes, with a dizzying array of choices.

Yes, as @pturmel replied. Also note most scripting on Edge requires the Edge Compute add-on.

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Only gateway scoped (minus perspective clients) scripts need the compute module. Things like gateway timer scripts, tag change event scripts, etc

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