Doubts about session events in perspective

hello to all the community of this forum
I have a question I have a configuration in client event scripts in which depending on the IP I have, a window or another will open, here I show you an image with the configuration

I am trying to do this configuration in perspective but I have not been able to achieve it, my question is, can something like this be implemented in perspective? I read it in the forum that can be done with geolocation. My final objective is depending on the place that is within the company. open a window or another I use it with ip but if someone has done it in another way or has done it I would greatly appreciate your tips and advice

I think you’re expecting something that you can’t truly do with Perspective at this time.

If you’re determining which just what page (pageA or pageB) to show a person, there are ways to do that, but you have to understand that Perspective does not open to the same page every time; depending on browser bookmarks or links or history, a user could open a new session onto any page in your Perspective Project.

There are Session Events in Perspective, but Session Startup is invoked before a user has even logged in or a page has been opened, so you can’t use it to manipulate pages. View Startup Events could possibly be used for something like this, but you’re reliant on a user reaching the Page which uses that View. We have incoming Page Startup Events which have the same drawback. There is an open feature request to determine navigation after login based on some logic which is exactly what you’re looking for (for authenticated users, so you would need to require authentication for your project) but that feature is not in development yet.

Thanks for your comment
so what you propose is that the user authenticates in this way if he could choose which page to show?

Once the feature has been implemented, you would use that Event to determine what page the user is sent to when the login process has been completed. It’s an Event that only fires once (when the user logs in) so you would need to use other logic inside your project to determine inter-project navigation.