Down a Rabbit Hole and Would Greatly Appreciate Some Input

The core of what I am trying to do is tie camera timestamps in to a shop order number and then be able to stream those with either an inline frame, or video player component. All of my hardware is taken care of and I know how I will do it on the databasing side, but I am now down to selecting a camera server platform to “host” the streams. With direct RTSP streaming being out, I am looking for a platform that would allow me to embed a player in to a perspective session and point a timestamp to it through an expression. I’ve come across wowza, and it looks like it could do what I’m thinking. About the only requirement I have for the platform would be that all videos have to be hosted locally as that our Ignition server is not allowed on to the internet. Has anyone done something similar with some success? Any thoughts on possibly another approach.

Take a look at pturmel’s 3rd party module, ive not used it in perspective but i believe it works?

Wait, how the heck did I miss that he added support for 8? There might have been two posts? I actually downloaded the module but it was for 7.8 and gave me a major version mismatch. Neat! I’ll have to give it a try first thing when I’m back at my computer.

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