Down time history binding problem

I’m trying to create a top down time reasons bar chart (as in the demo OEE project).
For this i use a bar chart component and set the data property of this to the “Down Time History” binding function.

My problem is that this binding only returns the total line down time (if “Include Total Downtime” is set to “true” in the binding).
The individual downtime reasons are not displayed. All the rows of the returned dataset is blank except the first (line total).

The total downtime value is correct.
Individual down time reasons displays correctly in the DownTimeTable component.

What can cause this behavior?


Hi Pat,
What is the downtime selection method you are using?
If it is Key Reason Detection it should work.


Hi Pete,

I do use Key Reason as downtime detection method for the line production items.

Are the downtime reasons defined at the line level or the cells under the line?
I am looking into that as an issue where the binding function does not display line triggered events correctly.

You can also get the the downtime events from the Analysis screen.

If you need more help you can call tech support and ask for me.