Downgrading of Edge project from 8.1.X to 8.1.X

Hi All, i have a EDGE project developed in version 8.1.7. However it was further developed by my
colleague in 8.1.12. But the actual system is working in 8.1.7, so i want to downgrade the project back to version 8.1.7.
I am hoping not to use the export/import method.

The method i tried was: with the project in 8.1.12 environment, i run the 8.1.7 installation file, to revert it back while still holding the project.
After reverting, i tried to open in designer, and everything seems fine.

Just wondering is this method appropriate? Or am i missing out some hidden possible problems when using this method?

Many thanks in advance!

Such downgrades are not supported and prone to blow up. Typically they blow up during the import. So you might have gotten lucky.

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To expand on what Phil said, we don’t test or support downgrades. Sometimes you get lucky and a downgrade works, but if it doesn’t work there’s no real way to “fix” it without major surgery to the project.

If you have multiple people working on the same project, it’s important that they all be on the same version for this reason.

Thank you both for the information.

Does that mean the only correct way is to import the tags and graphics etc from one designer/project (higher version 8.1.X) to another designer/project (lower version 8.1.X)?

By using this import/export method, is it safe to do so?

No, both of them are telling you this is expressly not supported or tested. There is no “safe” way to bring anything from a newer version to an old version, although in many cases it will work just fine as mentioned.

Hi Kevin, thank you for replying.

Okay, i understand now.
So if i managed to import/export the tags and graphics to the old version successfully, and everything working fine, does it mean it will be fine during future use as well?

Example: On day one, i tried to import to the old version, and on the runtime everything working fine. Would there be a possibility, that on a random day, the imported tags and graphics would just go haywire, due to some hidden bugs?

Sorry if my doubt sounds ridiculous…

Haywire? No, not likely. But something might just “not work”. Your doubt/concern is valid. Unlikely, but valid. Less likely to be a problem with tag export/import than graphics, from my experience. The key is to change your development process to ensure you are always working in an environment that matches your client’s environment. This is almost impossible to do if you are installing your development gateways on your local machine. Use virtual machines or containers, tailored to match the versions and installed modules of your client. Separate VMs for each client system.


Thank you Phil for the explanation and advice!