Downgrading project with tag providers from v8 to v7

Hi ,

I have developed a project in Ignition v8.0.12 and i am trying to migrate the project and tag provider associated with the project to a v7.9.16 ignition .

Unfortunately upgrading ignition to v8 is not a option

The most import thing for me is to migrate project UDT’s and tags

Simple export and import of tags did not work .
Importing gateway backup also did not work.
Of course i can create and upload a .csv format but even that will consume more time .

Can anyone suggest a better way to do it faster and save development time .

Thanks & regards ,

There are so many fundamental changes in the underlying resources that I’ll be shocked if you get any kind of v8 export to import in v7.9. For items that there are only a few to convert, I’d just re-create it by hand. Where you have many, I’d create a few in v7.9, examine an export of those few compared to v8, and then script a conversion of the v8 types. For Vision windows and templates, the shift-right-click XML options are your best bet.

Ignition has never supported going backwards with backups or exports. Good luck.

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