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Hello all!

I have a question about the launch icon. Why sometimes, when i download the icon, it downloads with the Java Icon instead of the configured launch icon? :scratch:

Thanks! :thumb_left:

Does it always do this for the same project or are you able to sometimes get the launch icon to download?

I’m able to get the launch icon somtimes, but most of the times not. I wouldn’t care about that but the customer wants to use his icon

I was able to get the icons back by clearing out the Java Temp files from the Java console, then going to the Ignition Gateway and selecting launch designer, or launch a project, and when prompted, select save and not run. Once the file is downloaded, it will just have the generic Java image on the icon, double click on the icon and that should produce a new icon. As to the reason it goes away, I don’t have an answer.

It is possible that the icons are deleted by system because they are in the stored in a temporary file?

There really isn’t a good answer as to why this happens. The best way around this is to make your own shortcuts. This is an issue with Java.

I tried what you suggested but nothing :frowning:. Do you have anoter idea. I tried erasing all temporary files also

By the way, the shortcut you make manually cannot have the same name as the project. If it does Java will override it with the one they make. I don’t know if that is the problem you are running into. Making your own shortcut is the way to go and nothing should mess with it.

Is there a reason why if I have my project with the icon I created for it in my desktop suddenly it lose the image?

It has something to do with Java caching. We don’t know why. Again, if you clear the Java cache and relaunch it will come back. That is why I suggested creating your own shortcut manually.

I tried to do it in another computer but the same happened. I tried even with different Java versions. It is possible that this is happening because the problem is in the server wher Ignition is installed?

It has nothing to do with the server. Like Travis has said, its just something that Java does. Here is a link to another forum thread about how to make direct links to your projects. This will give you a desktop shortcut that will not change.