Download Java Installer from Gateway

I thought I read in one of the manuals somewhere that if a machine that you want to run a vision client on doesn’t have Java installed that you could download a Java installer from the gateway via the web server. I looked all over but can’t find any information on this anywhere and I’m starting to think that I may have imagined that (it happens sometimes…) Is that an option or do you have to install Java the normal way?

I ask because a lot of our potential client machines are pretty heavily locked down with internet access and what can be downloaded from external sites. It would be easier if the installer could be launched from the gateway.

The good news is that you didn’t imagine that - it was a feature of FactoryPMI.

The bad news is that we no longer do that for Ignition though - the bundled installer became out-of-date too quickly.

You’re stuck with the traditional install, I’m afraid.